Our Story

Our story began when our founder, Scott, had a routine dentist appointment and learned that his teeth were being eroded by nighttime teeth grinding (also known as night-grinding and bruxism). The dentist recommended that he wear a mouth guard, or nightguard, at night to protect his teeth from the grinding. When Scott went to go purchase a mouthguard, he found that every single one on the market was made of synthetic material. The idea of sleeping with a synthetic material in his mouth for several hours a night, every night, did not sit well with him. Whether his fears were justified or not, he was nervous that the synthetic material would leach harmful chemicals into his body.

So, Scott set out to develop a mouth guard for himself - one made from all-natural materials - that would protect his teeth while being safe for the body. After doing a lot of research, he learned that all-natural rubber (which comes from the hevea brasiliensis tree) would be a safe and effective alternative to the synthetic materials. All-natural rubber has even been certified as safe for use in babies' pacifiers! Scott is developing the first all-natural nighttime mouthguard and wants to share it with the world through this website when it's ready.

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